Miscellaneous Benefits

Discount on Athletic Tickets

For schedules and pricing, please contact the University Ticket Manager at 765-LION (5466).

Discount at the University Bookstore

All employees receive a 10% discount at the University Bookstore.

Free Parking Hangtags

All employees receive one free faculty/staff parking hangtag.

Credit Union Membership (Florence Federal Credit Union)

For more information, call 256-767-4700.

Kilby School and Child Development Center

(admission preference for children of University employees)
For more information regarding the K4-6th grade program, please call 256-765-4303. For more information regarding the Child Development Center, please call 256-765-4244.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan
(currently linked to previous Sodexo plan; coming soon - new Chartwells plan)


Handbook / Policies